Brandon’s overall experience of playgroup  has been very good, as everyday he looks forward to going. Over the past year, Brandon has become confident,  independent, friendly and a polite little boy who has made many friends and gets along well with his peers and is eager to make new friends.

As a parent, I feel that Brandon is very well looked after at playgroup. He always looks happy when I pick him up.

I, myself have stayed at playgroup on a few occasions, one in particular was helping to show them our customs for Chinese New Year. I have enjoyed each time that I’ve stayed. I am glad Brandon has had the chance to experience this playgroup.

Highly recommended to any parent.


All staff at Southgate West Playgroup have  exceeded our expectations of providing a safe, enjoyable atmosphere for Nidhi, at the same time ensuring her developmental needs are enhanced. I’m proud to have given my children the best start to education with Southgate West Playgroup and would highly recommend any friends and relatives to put their children in the same capable care as we have done.

The staff have become special friends, and not only at playgroup but also when met at the shops or in town etc. Nidhi is always delighted and is always greeted back with the same cheerfulness. Nidhi  (and us) will miss the mornings being greeted by staff, and later collecting her full of excitement and stories to tell of all she did and learned with Claire, Jen, Maryen, Zella.

The facilities are great, and it seems like the staff are happy there to, as most of the staff that were at playgroup 7 years ago are still there now. That proves that the staff are happy, experienced and so will strive to make the best for all. 

The well planned room is spacious, cosy and neat. I particularly like how all the children gather on the carpet first thing after removing their coats and placing their name tags on hooks, so that they can talk about what day it is , and also how the children behave and follow routine.

Thank you all so much for your friendliness and understanding. Jen you are doing a fabulous job and your staff are BRILLIANT ! 

Wish you all success and happiness always.


Tanya S

To the staff at Southgate West Playgroup.

Thank you very much for your hard work and dedication over the last year. Lois has thoroughly enjoyed coming to the setting and will miss you all very much.

During her time at playgroup Lois has developed so much and is now equipped with the skills she will need to start school in September. 

Most recently Lois has learned to hold a pencil correctly, write her name, get herself dressed, sound out words and is keen to write letters when she comes home. She is now aware of many different shapes and has learned to count beyond 20, along with many other skills that have been learned at the setting. The snack that is offered at playgroup has been helpful in encouraging Lois to try new things and she is now very aware of what is healthy and not healthy and will share what she has learned at home.

I have been delighted with the play/learning opportunities she has been given at the setting and it is clear that her knowledge and understanding of the world has increased dramatically. She has learned so many things about other cultures and different parts of the world and likes to come home and tell us about them. She has developed good social skills and empathy for others and has grown into a kind and caring child. We have noticed that she has been sharing more readily with her siblings, and challenging behaviour has decreased.

The outside area is a lovely space for the children to play and the resources available have supported her physical development. Lois is far more confident to take part in physical activity and has recently learned to climb over different obstacles and to ride her bike without her stabilisers. 

I would highly recommend this setting to any parent/carer wishing to give their child the best start in life and I want to thank all the staff for supporting Lois and giving her the opportunity to increase her abilities in all developmental areas.

Thank you so much 


Mariam has thoroughly enjoyed her time at Southgate West Playgroup. The staff have been excellent in receiving her and making her feel welcome and  loved. This is particularly reassuring for a parent as I feel she is being well looked after.

I had concerns that Mariam was not able to recognise any numbers, when I spoke to her keyworker Helen, she immediately got on the case and spent time playing various number games with Mariam, finding ways to engage and capture her attention.

Jen has been excellent in taking on board my religious beliefs and celebrations. When it was our festival of Eid, she arranged for the children to make Eid cards and decorations, and made a display for Eid. She always checks foods with me to ensure they are suitable for our dietary requirements. I was happy when she gained my permission for photos of Mariam to be in another child’s journal.

Thank you to everyone that has looked after Mariam, she will miss you dearly.